Chris Mercer Sr. CEO & Founder of First Step, Head Trainer

I’m a certified personal trainer and speed & agility coach specializing in weight management. My interest in fitness began after playing college football at Prairie View A & M University in 2005. I increased my knowledge of fitness and health by receiving several certifications while attending seminars and sport camps. My background as a teacher/coach and case workers for teens has enabled me to build a positive rapport and personal relationship with my athletes and parents. As I further my education I am seeking to complete certification in Strength Conditioning, Yoga, and Fitness Nutrition.

Coach Brandon McCoy
Skills Trainer/Motivational Coach

Graduate of John Jay High School and Texas Lutheran University in 2010. Played for 4 years collegiate level football. ***First African American to receive the Thomas Eddy memorial award in 42 years***.  Participated in 2 professional combines in Dallas and 2 professional tryouts for the Calgary Stampede and Tulsa Talons. 

Robert Bailey
Skills Trainer/Mentorship Lead

I have a passion for athletics and serving the community that gave so much to me as a young athlete. After attending college at UMHB and Texas State University, where I played football, I gained a strong interest in training athletes. My mission with joining First Step is to help my athletes reach a new level of personal achievement and become a positive role model to which they can look at as a mentor.


  • Dot Fit Expert

    ⦁ Weight Management

    ⦁ Personal Trainer

    ⦁ Speed & Agility Coach

    ⦁ CPR/First Aid

    ⦁ Health/Physical Education EC-12

Nutrient Delivery

Nutrient Delivery
  • Ingredients hit their targets
  • Delivery goal determines use and dosing of tablets, capsules or powders including co-factors
  • Controlled-Release (fast to slow)
  • Proper forms based on clinical research

Certified Youth Trainer 

Certified Youth Trainer